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Lash art pro 1-day Basic volume course Russian Volume

Learn how to place multiple superfine lashes safely and beautifully without damage.

Have you mastered the classic techniques and do you want to be aware of the latest techniques? Russian Volume is a revolutionary technique that teaches you how to safely and beautifully place multiple superfine lashes on a single natural lash without any damage! This allows you to create an incredibly full and soft look. Distance yourself from your competitors and offer a superior service that many other eyelash artists can't match.

An expert as a trainer and mentor so that you leave the course confidently.

Lash art pro only works with the best in the business. All artists who have years of experience and can teach you all the ins and outs of the profession. Our techniques are clear and concise so that each individual student leaves feeling confident and prepared for a career as an eyelash technician. The group training is given to a maximum of 3 students at the same time, but can also be given 1 on 1.

After successfully completing the course you will receive an exclusive Lash Art Pro certificate!

This course consists of 1 day from 10:00 am to about 5:00 pm. (The days are planned in consultation with us) Lunch and drinks are arranged during this course. It is important that you come well rested and motivated. If the course is successfully completed, you will immediately receive a beautiful certificate.

  • VOLUME KIT (Included in the price of the course)
  • 2 x tweezers
  • 2 x Volume Eyelash Extension Trays
  • 1x Boundless eyelash extensions glue
  • 1 x lash pallet
  • 1x training manual in folder


  • What is Russian volume.
  • Health and safety.
  • Contraindications.
  • Everything about (bacterial) infections related to our work.
  • Counter actions.
  • patch test.
  • All about gluing. How do you choose the right glue?
  • Allergies and most common mistakes that can irritate the eyes.
  • Removing eyelash extensions.
  • Aftercare.
  • Working with criss-cross and curly lashes.
  • Working with lashes that grow downward.
  • stickies.
  • direction.
  • Use of lengths.
  • Customer preparation.
  • Treatment procedure.
  • Lash art Pro 3 different volume techniques
  • The right distance between natural lashes and eyelid.
  • How to correctly apply a volume fan to the natural lash
  • Infills, how to clean lashes and update volume extensions
  • Ethical code

After completing the training you will receive:

  • Official Lash Art pro Certificate
  • 10% LIFE TIME DISCOUNT for ALL products and training courses from Lash art pro in our webshop.
  • Lifetime support.


For this course you must have at least 3 months experience in the one by one technique. 

A model is required during this course.

Please note that you will need a live model during this training. (model must be present at 12:30 pm and if you come from far, she can also come right away). Requirements for a model:

  • Being able to lie still for a long time
  • No heavy medication
  • Not pregnant
  • No eyelash extensions
  • No recent eye surgeries
  • Healthy eyelashes and eyes (No wounds, damage, swelling or other irritations
  • Not recently had a lash lift
  • No contact lenses during the treatment

The course costs €395,- excluding VAT and includes a starter pack

The basic course of 1 day costs €395 (ex. VAT) and a minimum deposit of €100 (ex. VAT) must be paid in advance to be assured of a place in our courses. Cancellation of the course must be done at least 14 days before the course.

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