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an artist

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the artist

Whether you are just starting out as an eyelash stylist or have mastered the trade for years, you are an artist!

As an eyelash stylist you create a beautiful glance, a sparkle in someone's eyes of joy.

Putting eyelashes takes a lot of time and requires precision and we at Lash art pro therefore choose the best products, which makes the work a lot easier and the results even better!

we know why

As an eyelash artist you want to work with the best materials. And we deliver it! By partnering with the world's leading market leaders and years of experience in the eyelash industry, we know what eyelash artists need.

a reseller

Are you the artist who shares our passion? Are you enterprising, ambitious, creative, do you only want the best product and are you service-oriented? Then we might be looking for you!


"I am in love"

This is truly an invention! And what a cool boxes. The box is larger than normal so you can serve multiple customers with 1 box. The fans are really beautiful and soft. My customers are satisfied so am I! I am in love.


"I absolutely don't want anything else."

I've tried many pre-mades but these are the best ever. You don't see any difference with handmade volume fans. The retention is even better. I finish faster with a volume set, which is great for both me and the customer. Now I can do more clients in a day and earn more.


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our brandinfo

Lash art pro originated from a great passion for eyelashes. Especially providing training and sharing our passion.



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about lash art pro

Lash art pro is for every lash stylist, because in our eyes, whatever level you are, you are an artist.

We want to be different from the current market, the bar is high, but we work best on that. All our products are tested by the best artists from different countries. It only comes onto the market when everything is right.

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