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Lash Art Pro course styling like an artist

Learn all about styling and special effects

Ready for more of a challenge? or maybe you didn't get any knowledge about styling at all during your training? Then this is really the course that will change your work in a positive way. It is so important to place an eyelash set that really suits your customer.

Why styling is so important.

Every face is different, everyone has different eyes and eye shapes, let alone different kind of eyelashes. So you can bear in mind that if we would measure everyone exactly the same eyelash extensions, it would not be the same for everyone. You can even make a face less beautiful and expressive. And if you have chosen the right style, you still have to deal with the number of layers of lashes, number of curls and lengths that you have to choose to achieve the desired effect. You can also apply special effects which is really fun to do.

Latest trends are discussed in this course.

The trends in eyelash extensions develop quickly. This is nice because you never stop learning and we like to teach everyone these new trends in this training. Think Kim-K , Whispy look. Extreme cat-eye, working with the M and L curl.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who does not know enough or nothing about styling, but who has at least completed the basic training and who masters the one by one technique. We also offer this course as a third day in the three day one by one training or in the russian volume course of 2 days. After this course you will receive an official lash art pro certificate.

1 model is required for this course

The course lasts from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and includes lunch and drinks. You work with our products during the training. A self-arranged model must be present from 12:30 pm and must meet the following requirements;

  • Being able to lie still for a long time
  • No heavy medication
  • Not pregnant
  • No eyelash extensions
  • No recent eye surgeries
  • Healthy eyelashes and eyes (No wounds, damage, swelling or other irritations
  • Not recently had a lash lift
  • No contact lenses during the treatment

The course costs €249 (excl. VAT)

The STYLING LIKE AN ARTIST course costs €249 (excl. VAT) and a minimum deposit of €100 (excl. VAT) must be paid in advance to be assured of a place in our courses. Cancellation of the course must be done at least 14 days before the training.

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