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Lash Art Pro Pre-mades


Earn 50% more time so also more sales with these great Pre-made volume fans!

Pre-mades are the best alternative to the handmade volume fans. Perfect for any eyelash stylist - from complete beginners to experienced eyelash technicians. Increase the speed of your treatment by up to 50%.
Tip for eyelashes! customers are happy to pay a little extra for a Speedy Russian Volume Set - this extra charge is not only the cost of the Pre-made volume lashes, but also gives you an extra income.

  • Don't forget that the time saved will also allow you to book more customers! Work slimmer not more difficult!
  • Unique: XXL tray with 400-800 fans !! Length 7 to 14 mm.
  • Taped in the middle, so no stick on the base of the fan. (tip! pick them up from the bottom first and put them back with the base on the strip and then grab them just below the middle to be able to dip and place them properly)
  • Pointed short base (The base everyone wants! Not to register handmade volume fans.)
  • 100% vegan and not tested on animals
  • The pre-mades are handmade from high quality PBT fiber. They have a natural look and are very soft, which makes wearing these pre-mades comfortable.
  • Stable curl (Premium quality lashes that keep their shape.)
  • Heart Bonded (Produced underhand with a micro amount of bonding that is not visible to the naked eye and does not weigh down the pre-made fans.)
  • Available in 3D /4D/ 5D/6D/ 7D/ 8D 
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our brandinfo

Lash art pro originated from a great passion for eyelashes. Especially providing training and sharing our passion.


"I am in love"

This is truly an invention! And what a cool boxes. The box is larger than normal so you can serve multiple customers with 1 box. The fans are really beautiful and soft. My customers are satisfied so am I! I am in love.


"I absolutely don't want anything else."

I've tried many pre-mades but these are the best ever. You don't see any difference with handmade volume fans. The retention is even better. I finish faster with a volume set, which is great for both me and the customer. Now I can do more clients in a day and earn more.


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