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We use our knowledge to develop products that make a difference in the range of eyelash extensions products.

Quality above quantity

The range of eyelashproducts is large, but that does not prevent us from looking for better. Because we work with the biggest mark leaders around the world in this industry, we have a lot of experience and knowledge to develop products that meet the quality that every artist wants. With us, quality is more important than quantity.

Our experience with colleagues all over the world, trainers who are exceptionally good, products that we have developed and tested together, many meetings and eyelash extension factories that we have visited. All this knowledge means that we will make many artists happy with a brand developed by artists for artists



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San Fransisco

about lash art pro

Lash art pro is for every lash stylist, because in our eyes, whatever level you are, you are an artist.

We want to be different from the current market, the bar is high, but we work best on that. All our products are tested by the best artists from different countries. It only comes onto the market when everything is right.

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