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All in all, the adhesive you choose is a completely personal choice for you - take into account the conditions of the room, your installation speed and your level of experience.

Written by Naomie 03-07-2023


AN INTRODUCTION TO EACH ADHESIVE TO HELP YOU CHOOSE THE BEST ADHESIVE FOR YOU! Go to any eyelash extension supply website and you will be given a choice of at least 3 different types of glue. The simple reason for this is that every lash stylist has a different texture preference, different room conditions, different experience levels, and all sorts of other preferences and factors that can affect the glue they need. While we all love a recommendation from a friend, there's no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to adhesives, so it really pays to know all the ins and outs of the adhesives you're looking at , so you can make a choice  based on your own needs and preferences.


Most important is the drying time. The drying time must suit your method.

It may seem like little difference, but for the exact work we do, the difference is big enough to determine whether you have good retention or not. And whether you work well or struggle with places.


The Expert became a fast favorite of many lash technicians when it launched in 2021 and has remained our best selling glue ever since. The Expert  has a drying time of 1.5 seconds, but works consistently in a wider range of humidity levels than other glues, so it has been a godsend for lash technicians with more changeable conditions.

The Expert's fast drying time makes it a good choice for advanced lash technicians who are used to setting lashes without having to correct them - we don't typically recommend the Expert for Lash Techs just starting out, but as I said at the beginning, every lash technique is different, and you may be a fast stylist from day 1!

The Expert works best at temperatures between 18-22℃, but maintains a consistent drying time at humidity levels between 30-80%. The most unique thing about the Expert is that you don't have to shake it due to its composition. So you always have a good glue drop.

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The Iconic maintains a dry time of 0.8-1 second at 30-80% humidity which, you will agree, is a huge range as are all our other adhesives. Therefore, if you have problems with large fluctuations in your humidity throughout the day, the Iconic will definitely be the best choice for you as it can keep up with these changes and give you great results either way.

This is our fastest adhesive at the moment. So if the Expert is just a little too slow for you then the Iconic is the perfect adhesive choice.


The Boundless has been part of the Lash art pro collection from the very beginning and has been a favorite of eyelash technicians around the world all along. the Boundless is ideal for lash styling sites of all abilities, and as such it's the glue we include in our classic and volume kits. So both stylists who are just starting out and stylists who are very experienced work with this favorite!

The Boundless has a somewhat thicker structure than the Expert, making it very easy to absorb the right amount. Like the Iconic and the Expert, the Boundless  can handle low and high humidity of between 30%-80% and a temperature between 18-22℃ is optimal.

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All in all, the adhesive you choose is a completely personal choice for you - take into account the conditions of the room, your installation speed and your level of experience.

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