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What do you need for eyelash extensions?

Written by Naomie 17-01-2023

What do you actually need to start as an eyelash stylist?

We understand that when you are at the start of your career as an eyelash stylist, it is difficult to determine exactly what you need to get started. This is also why we offer training courses for eyelash extensions supplies including a starter kit. Then you don't have to think about it anymore.

There are also training courses without starterkits

But what if you follow a training where you have to purchase the articles yourself? We often get this question and that's why we decided to make a blog about it.

Product knowledge is important

If you are going to follow your first training, there is no product knowledge yet. With proper training, they also teach you everything about the products on the market. How do the products work and what are they for. This makes it a lot easier to determine what you need for you.

There are a number of articles that you really cannot live without and we have listed them for you.

  • Eyelash extensions; (We recommend starting with a mix tray, a mix tray contains all lengths, so you don't have to buy a lot of single trays (boxes with a few lengths). This way you can test which lashes you like without spending a lot of money. If you start with the one by one technique, we recommend 0.15 or 0.12 in thickness
  • Tweezers; An eyelash stylist cannot do without tweezers, they are the extensions of your hands. We always recommend a curved tweezer for picking up the lashes and a straight tweezer for isolating.
  • Glue; Without glue you cannot attach eyelash extensions to the natural eyelashes. Choose an adhesive that has 2-3 seconds of drying time when you start so that you also have time to attach the extensions.
  • Eyepatches or tape; The under eyelashes really need to be taped to work safely.
  • Cleanser and Primer; You need at least these two for a good pre-treatment. Without good preparation, your retention will be bad. Even though eyelashes appear clean at first glance, there is always invisible grease and dirt.
  • Lash pallet; You must be able to place the eyelash extensions you use on a pallet next to the head
  • Remover; You don't often need a remover, but with remover you can safely and efficiently remove the extensions from the eyelashes.
  • Microbrushes; Microbrushes are fluff-free and therefore suitable for applying liquids such as primer and cleanser to someone who already has eyelash extensions, so that no threads get caught on the extensions.
  • Mascara brushes; You use this to check the eyelash set and when you are done you give it to your customer to maintain the eyelashes.


With these products you have everything in your salon to be able to make the most beautiful eyelash sets.

With the above products, as an eyelash stylist you have everything you need to get started. These items can be supplemented with accessories and salon setup products to style the salon, for example. I a 

And do you have all the products and have you followed a good training? Then it comes down to practice, practice and practice.

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