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Top 5 tips for better retention

Written by Naomie 17-01-2023

Still looking for the best eyelash glue?

Every day we see and hear eyelash stylists complain about their eyelash glue, especially with the volume technique. The truth is that in most cases of poor retention it has nothing to do with the brand of glue. In most cases, the problems are caused by improper use and storage of the adhesive.

Today we are going to tell you how best to store your glue to get the best out of it!

TIP 1 - Don't store a huge stock of glue!

We understand that you would rather place 1 very large order once every 6 months so that you can windscreen for the time being, but this can become a problem for your glue. Our glues are good for 8 months unopened, so if you buy 4-5 bottles at a time, the last 2 bottles you open may already be over those 8 months.

TIP 2 - Store unopened bottles in a cool place.

Make sure to store unopened bottles in a cool place. The best place is a cupboard in a cellar or other cool space or a refrigerator (only unopened bottles). For extra protection against humidity, we recommend storing the adhesive in a thermopack or air tight container. The temperature should not only be cool but also constant. Large changes in temperature can cause condensation in the bottle and affect its performance.

TIP 3 - Once the bottle is open, store it in a cool dry place away from heat and humidity.

Once the bottle is open it will begin to polymerize on the inside of the bottle so it is very important to keep the glue away from heat, direct sunlight and humidity. It is best to store open bottles in a jar of rice, thermopack or air-tight.

TIP 4 - Write the date of opening on the bottle.

Write the date on the bottles when you first open the glue. You can write this on a piece of tape that you stick on your bottle or in the agenda. If you want your glue to always work optimally, we recommend replacing it every month.


For each new drop of glue, shake for at least 15-20 seconds so that all the ingredients are mixed. If it is not mixed well, the drop will not be black but transparent. A drop of glue should always be pitch black. (except with clearglue ;-)) And if it is a no shake glue such as the Expert glues from Lash art Pro then this is not necessary.

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