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Lash Art Pro

The artist who chooses!

Written by Naomie 17-01-2023

In addition to the best products, Lash Art pro also wants to offer the best courses. No standard courses but really good courses with all the information and experience of the past 10 years and so on. An offer for everyone, so from a basic course to a very extensive course, the artist chooses.

All products are tested by multiple stylists

Before Lash Art Pro really releases a product, it has been tested several times by experienced artists. If something is not right, then we continue to look for better. It took a year for the first product to go live.


Black, white and recognizable colors

As you can see, Lash Art Pro works with color in addition to black and white with cool letters. This is not only because there was quite a bit of color missing in the eyelash industry, but there is also a story behind it. The creator of Lash art pro wanted the appearance of eyelash extensions boxes to be more recognizable. Often they are all the same and you can't see on the outside what's on the inside. So now each type has its own color and recognition and has also been applied to the eyelash strips. This means that you can recognize the type even on your lash palette.

Premade eyelash extensions

Lash Art Pro wanted first to release the premade eyelash extensions because there is a huge demand for them. There are quite a few different premade eyelash extensions on the market, so what are the right premade fans? A wider range of premade eyelash extensions is coming, because different artists require different types of premade fans.

Started with a nice basic collection

The goal of Lash Art Pro is to have an extensive basic collection live in 2021. This worked and what a collection that is! Beautiful Pre-mades, the first in the Netherlands with extra-sized boxes, 3 best-selling adhesives and an extensive pre-treatment line. The rainbow tweezer collection with a lot of color and beautiful covers around it. The volume and classic eyelashes that look super natural and pick up very fine, palettes and accessories. Everything is here and there is much more to come.

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