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Written by Naomie 17-01-2023

If you have been here for a while, know that it is very important to treat the lashes well beforehand for perfect retention. Lash art pro has a very effective and simple step-by-step plan for products to properly prepare the lashes for perfect retention.

We've said it before and we'll most likely say it again: Foam is perfect for removing visible makeup like mascara and eyeliner, but it's much better when used in conjunction with the rest of the pre-treatment line. Foam alone is therefore not enough. Foam often also leaves a layer around the eyelashes. That's why we're taking a closer look at Cleanser and Primer to give you an idea of why they're always needed and can't be used separately.


Cleanser is specially formulated for use with eyelash extensions - it is alcohol based and should only be applied specifically to the eyelashes. Because it is alcohol-based, it tracks any oils on the lashes that come from sebum, make-up residue, or skincare residue, and also breaks down any dust or dirt.

Cleanser is applied directly to the lashes with a microbrush - you have to be careful with cleanser not to let it get into the eyes as it will be very painful for your client! Tip to prevent it from dripping into the eyes, you have been able to grab too much cleaner. Hold a wooden spatula under the lashes to work. This one will clean anything that is too much so it doesn't drip into the eyes either.

Because cleanser is alcohol-based, it can dry out a bit on the lashes, which can have a big effect on how well your lash glue works. As we all know from our eyelash extension training, it is the certainty that causes the cyanoacrylate in our eyelash extension glue to polymerize – in other words, what makes our glue dry. Because of this, if we have a very dried out surface that our glue has a grip on, it just won't grab onto the lashes and harden in the time we expect.




Primer is absolutely essential if you've used cleanser (and cleanser is essential for optimal retention, so yes, you need both!) as the lashes rehydrate after using cleanser. Primer is water based, so add whatever moisture you need to make your glue work as it should.

Primer, like cleanser, cannot be used alone. Since it's water-based, it's not the best way to really clean lashes when used solo, so you'll probably find yourself with retention issues if you don't use any other pre-treatment.

All in all, there is a very good reason that Cleanser and Primer are a top selling duo of Lash Art Pro! To top off your pre-treatment routine, add the Protein Remover Pads to the skin around the gene to keep your eye patches in place during treatment, then go over Cleanser and Primer.

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